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Supreme Solar 250 ETC Water Heater

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Model Supreme Solar 250 Ltr,
Normal Price 32,500/-,
Offer Price 26,500/-,
Guarantee for tank 5 years,
Inner Tank Stainless Steel SS-304 Grade, Non Pressurized
Price Includes Tax, Transportation & Instalaltion,
Suitable for Soft Water Only (below 300 TDS),
Available in Bangalore City.

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PRICE INCLUDING: Tax, Transportation and Assembly of System on Roof/Terrace, PRICE EXCLUDING : Plumbing, Plumbing materils, Electrical wiring, grooting, masonary works & Crane Charges.  Lifting charges Extra for 500 LPD and above systems. For Credit Card Payment Convenience Charges Extra, No Guarantee for Glasstubes, Glasspanels, pressure relife valve, air relif vales


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Product Description

Supreme Solar 250 ETC PC

250 litres Evacuated tube collectors are the most common solar thermal technology in the world.[7] They make use of a glass tube to surround the absorber with a high vacuum and effectively resist atmospheric pressure. The vacuum that surrounds the absorber greatly reduces convection and conduction heat loss, therefore achieving greater energy conversion efficiency.

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Supreme Solar models are manufactured with high-standard machinery and precision technology.

Supreme Solar 250 ltr price

Supreme Solar Manufactures products keeping in mind the price, quality and performance, Hence ETC systems are the best for these requirements.  As you are aware glass price is much cheaper than Copper used in FPC-type solar, here we save a lot of money in materials costs.  Secondly, glass is easily maintainable compared to copper tubes and there is no wear and tear,  because of glass transparency solar light is easily captured and converted heat.  Hence by using this technology we greatly save manufacturing costs and affordable to the common man

how to fix solar water heater

fixing a solar water is first the direction , which is very important as the slope of the system should face south to work to its maximum.  Water inlet to the system always after sunset and before sunrise, this is to alow ETC tubes to cool down before inleting water.

Supreme Solar  

Supreme Solar models are manufactured with high-standard machinery and precision technology.

At Supreme Solar, we are working on renewable energy with advanced technology to ensure your solar water heater gives you the maximum benefit. We use PUFF for Supreme Solar 250 LPD ETC keeping solar water hot for a long time. Hence the water is clean and hygienic as the tanks are glass enamelled coated.

With Supreme Solar, it’s possible to contribute to making our environment pollution free and add to green energy. Hence we are in the continuous process of upgrading our systems and machinery to international standards to produce High-quality solar systems for your residential and commercial purposes.

What are Evacuated tube collectors? in solar water heater

supreme solar

supreme solar

An array of evacuated tube collectors on a roof

Evacuated tube collectors are the most common solar thermal technology in the world.[7] They make use of a glass tube to surround the absorber with high vacuum and effectively resist atmospheric pressure. The vacuum that surrounds the absorber greatly reduces convection and conduction heat loss, therefore achieving greater energy conversion efficiency. The absorber can be either metallic as in the case of flat plate collectors or being a second concentric glass tube (“Sydney Tube”). Heat transfer fluid can flow in and out of each tube or being in contact with a heat pipe reaching inside the tube. For the latter, heat pipes transfer heat to the fluid in a heat exchanger called a “manifold” placed transversely with respect to the tubes.[citation needed] The manifold is wrapped in insulation (glass wool) and covered by a protective metal or plastic case also used for fixing to supports.

Glass-metal evacuated tubes are made with flat or curved metal absorber sheets same as those of flat plates. These sheets are joined to pipes or heat pipes to make “fins” and placed inside a single borosilicate glass tube. An anti-reflective coating can be deposited on the inner and outer surfaces of such tubes to improve transparency. Both selective and anti-reflective coating (inner tube surface) will not degrade until the vacuum is lost.[8] A high vacuum-tight glass-metal seal is however required at one or both sides of each evacuated tube. This seal is cycled between ambient and fluid temperature each day of collector operation and might lead to failures in time.

Glass-glass evacuated tubes are made with two borosilicate glass tubes fused together at one or both ends (similar a vacuum bottle or dewar flask). The absorber fin is placed inside the inner tube at atmospheric pressure. Glass-glass tubes have a very reliable seal, but the two layers of glass reduce the amount of sunlight that reaches the absorber. The selective coating can be deposited on the inner borosilicate tube (high vacuum side) to avoid this, but heat has then to flow through the poorly conducting glass thickness of the inner tube in this case. Moreover, moisture may enter the non-evacuated area inside the inner tube and cause absorber corrosion in particular when made from dissimilar materials (galvanic corrosion).

Barium flash-getter pump is commonly evaporated inside the high vacuum gap in between tubes to keep the internal pressure stable through time.

The high temperatures that can occur inside evacuated tubes may require special design to prevent overheating. Some evacuated tube collectors work as thermal one-way valves due to their heat pipes. This gives them an inherent maximum operating temperature that acts as a safety feature.[9] Evacuated tube collectors can also be provided with low-concentrating reflectors at the back of the tubes realising a CPC collector.[10]

supreme solar 250 ltr price equal to crompton
supreme solar 250 ltr price 
supreme solar 250 ltr price in Mysore
supreme solar water heater 250 ltr price
supreme solar 250 LPD solar water heater (ss-304)

Tank Variants in Stainless Steel / Powder coated

2. Brand

Supreme Solar

3. Guarantee

5 Years for Solar Tank

4. Inner tank

SS-304 Steel, Only for Below 300 TDS Water

5. Outer Tank

Powder Coated

6. Solar Tank

Non – Pressurized

7. Electric Heater Facility

Optional , Cost Extra. Available in 2Kw and 3Kw

8. Price

Includes Tax, Transportation and Installation


Supreme Solar

Supreme Solar Water Heaters

Every day in the morning activities range over many aspects, the most important one is the bathing activity of the entire family. Every family member will have a hot water bath to begin their day; this is a natural phenomenon across India and the globe. Mornings should preferably be pleasant and smooth, with reliable solar water heaters, mornings invariably become pleasant and relaxing. Supreme with its state-of-the-art and modern technology builds some of the best and most reliable solar water heaters, these heaters make every sun ray count and relentlessly provide hot running water. Solar Water Heaters come with ISO certification and they are built using the latest and best available technologies from the industry. Supreme Solar Products builds a variety of Solar Water Heaters by adopting different types of advanced and latest technologies that are industry-relevant. The types of Solar Water Heaters are Glass Lined Solar Water heaters, ETC Solar Water heaters, and FPC Solar Water heaters. The primary and most important technology derivable and objective of the Solar Water Heaters is to make every sun ray count – convert every sun ray into useful energy. Supreme Solar Products builds aesthetically adorable solar products, the glass lines, solar panels, and tubes are perfectly positioned to give an appealing look on top of the terrace. Solar Water Heaters are eco-friendly, low on maintenance, easy to install, durable for a lifetime, and highly energy-efficient, the solar water heaters save over 70% of electricity bills. As renewable energy is the only sustainable option left for the future, solar water heaters and their associated technologies are the only options available to secure the future. For customer care info, whatsapp to 9632417722
supreme solar

For Sales and Services : 9632417722

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Technical Specifications

ETC Solar Water Heaters Technical Specifications

ETC solar water heater technical specifications

Tubes Specifications
Vacuum Tube outer diameter 47mm/58mm
Vacuum Tube inner diameter 37 mm&47mm
Tube Length 1800 mm.
Tank Specifications
Tank Insulation PUF 50mm (Polyurethane foaming).
Inner Tank Material Stainless Steel 304 L grade 0.5 mm.
Outer Tank Material Galvanized Powder coated/Stainless steel.
Inner tank Diameter 380 mm.
Outer tank Diameter 480 mm
Tank Volume 100 liters to 500 liters.
General Specifications
Temperature 65 degrees C to 85 degrees C
Stand frame Galvanized Powder coated
Method of Welding Seamless and Non welding Technology.
Type of Fasteners Stainless Steel / galvanized
Type of Grommets Silicon rubbers.
Type of Circulation Thermosiphon.
Electrical Back Up 2 KW & 3kw (optional).
Type of inlet feeding Using gravity feeding tank for non-pressure, low mixing of hot and cold water, and long life of the inner tank
Total Space Required For Installation 2*2.5m (W*L).
Stand Dimensions 1050*1150*2160mm (H*W*L)

FPC Technical Specifications  

Collector Specifications
Section 1.2 mm thick Aluminium
Back sheet 0.46 mm thick Aluminium
Flat plate collector Ultrasonic welded with Nalsun coating
Header pipe Copper 24 SWG
Insulation Fiber Glass wool
Collector size 1030*2030*100mm
Foil 0.05 mm thick Aluminum
Glazing 1000 X 2000 X 4mm clear toughened glass for Regular size & 960x1660x4mm clear toughened glass for small size collectors
Glass beeding E.P.D.M. Rubber
Grommets E.P.D.M Rubber
Flanges Brass
Tank Specifications
Inner tank material 2mm H.R sheet with co2 welding inside coated with prime guard coating / 3mm for pressurized systems.
Outer tank material Pre-coated laminated sheet (color: Half white) / Mirror finish
Tank Insulation 50 mm thick PUF
Side dish 2.5mm for Normal / 3.5mm for PRD
Connecting Pipes Stainless steel
Tank Volume 100 liters to 500 liters.
End Caps GI with PP coating
General Specifications
Temperature Maximum 700c
Fasteners Stainless steel
Type of Applications Pressurized/ Non-Pressurized
Stand Dimensions 1050*1150*2160mm (H*W*L)
Total Space Required For Installation 2*2.5m (W*L).


Glass Lined Technical Specifications:

Tube Specifications
Vacuum Tube outer diameter 47mm/58mm
Vacuum Tube inner diameter 37 mm&47mm
Tube length 2100mm.
Tube Weight 30kg.(For 220 LPD)
Tank Specifications
Inner tank material Enamel steel of 2mm &2.5 mm with the glass lined coating
Outer tank material Powder Coated/Stainless Steel.
Tank Dimensions 1480mm.
Inner Tank Diameter 210mm.
Outer Tank Diameter 550mm.
Tank Weight 54.9kg.(For 220 LPD)
Tank Insulation 50mm high-quality PUF materials.
Tank Volume 110,165,220,275 LPD
Inner Dish 2.5 mm
Outer Dish Aluminium with powder coated
General Specifications
Temperature 65 degrees C to 85 degrees C
Total Space Required For Installation 2*2.5m (W*L).
Total System Weight 105kg (Approx).(220 LPD)
Stand Dimensions 1050*1150*2160mm (H*W*L)
Stand Weight 21kg (For 220 LPD)
Frame Angle 27 degrees

supreme solar terms and conditions

supreme solar

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    Hey everyone! To be honest I am really impressed with this product, especially the price point at which it’s selling. So couldn’t resist me from uploading a review on uniletsolar

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    This is a shop review. Note that the product Customer service is good!

  3. madhoo sharma

    the best solar water heater i bought, it produces such hot water, you just cant imagine. It’s really dangerous childrens opening the hot water tap, they might burn their fingers. The water is too hot, i seen its boiling and spewing hot water from air vent pipe. This is the reason i called balan, who helped me resolve this issue in such a simple way. As per his suggestions Just covered the tubes with some waste cloths, and removed two buckets of hot water, and the issue resolved.

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Installation Means assembling the solar water heater on the rooftop, with Price Excluding Masonry, Electrical, Plumbing, grouting or welding works.  The customer will arrange a crane service if the lifting of more than 300 LPD solar water tanks are required.