How do I pay for purchasing products from offers multiple payment options and also provides the highest level of security while performing the online transaction. You may use the varied mode of payment alternatives such as internet banking, Maestro debit /credit cards, Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, wallet payment, and cash on delivery modes of payment for purchasing the items.

For the payments using credit cards/debit cards, you need to enter your card number, expiry date, the CVV number, and the name on the card. After entering all these details, you need to enter your password by which you will be able to make your payment for the selected item through the bank’s secure page.

You can trust our reliable payment gateway partners as they use secure encryption technology to keep your transaction details confidential at all time and therefore your details will never get compromised with any unauthorized servers.  All these payment techniques are managed through secure and trusted gateways by all leading banks, hence, ensuring the security of information.

There are no additional charges applied in addition to the purchase of Supreme products. The customer has to pay only the amount, which is displayed along with the product. We also provide the free delivery facility of the item.

COD (Cash on Delivery) facility

Purchasers or buyers can opt Cash on Delivery (COD) mode of payment, where they pay for the item through cash once after collecting / installation the product. In this case, the customer does not have to pay online. Supreme solar provides several payment options for COD facility – card Swapping, link payment, and internet banking.

At first, customers need to check if COD is available at their location or not when they want to avail of this facility. Supreme solar usually provides COD for all locations, but then it might not be available due to the inability of courier service at a few locations. And, if you fail to pay cash for the product, you have no right to collect it by any fraud means. However, COD is available for a minimum specified amount only.

No COD in my area, and why?

The availability of COD (Cash on Delivery) depends on the accessibility of the courier partner service in your area to accept cash as payment at the time of delivery. In case COD is not available at our location, will not allow you to purchase the product through the mode of COD and leave a message by saying, COD not available in your area.

No COD option for my product, and why?

The COD option for any of the products ordered from is acceptable if the price of that cart value is up to 25k. But if the selected products exceed (from 25k), Supreme solar will ask you to pay a partial payment (25%) in advance and remaining after the delivery of the product at your doorstep. supreme will even suggest you pay using different modes of payment methods like Online Transactions, Debit Card and Credit Card (VISA, MASTER, etc.)

Payment process interrupted, what to do?

If by chance there is a failure in the link while doing online transaction, then do not panic. You can check your balance if the amount is deducted from your account, which means the order has been placed. But in case it stills shows order is not placed yet, you can contact us at or call us at 9632417722. Our support team feels happy to solve your issues!

Steps taken by for card frauds? is very much aware of card fraud. Therefore, it along with the trusted online partners endlessly monitor suspicious activity and fraud transactions to get away from card frauds. Any suspicious activity comes in the notice that is not allowed for transactions in any manner. In case, is not able to rule out the chance of fraud category, the transaction kept on hold, and not allowed with the further process until proper identification not revealed.