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Supreme Solar 220 ltr GL

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Model Supreme Solar 220 Ltr
MRP 45,062.00
Offer Price 28,500.00
Guarantee 10 Years for Solar Tank
Inner Tank Glass Lined
Price Includes Tax, Transportation & Instalaltion
Suitable for Hard / Soft Water use
Available in Bangalore City

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Product Description

Supreme Solar 220 ltr


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Supreme Solar 220 ltr glass-lined coated, is far superior in technology to protect the tank from harsh water conditions.  Since the solar tanks are the ones that will get damaged due to bad water conditions, it’s advisable to buy this model.

Glass line supreme solar 220 ltr is a special coating that prevents rusting of tanks due to harsh hard water conditions.  We at supreme solar also manufacture solar tanks with outer body stainless steel finish.
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Glass lining – is a material made by fusing powdered glass to the inner surface of the metal tank by firing between 850 °C to 870 °C. Molecular interaction, resulting in a coating that melts, flows, and then harden to a smooth, durable glass coating on the metal surface. So that glass and steel can not be separated from each other. Glass lining provides superior longevity to a hot water tank. In certain areas, stainless steel tanks tend to fail more rapidly than glass-lined tanks due to chlorides in the water, and Hence This solar water heater is much advisable than the normal stainless steel or copper solar tanks. 

Tank Variation available in Stainless Steel / Powder coated

Tank Outer Body

Powder Coated, Stainless Steel

Technical Specifications

Tube Specifications
Vacuum Tube outer diameter 47mm/58mm
Vacuum Tube inner diameter 37 mm&47mm
Tube length 2100mm.
Tube Weight 30kg.(For 220 LPD)
Tank Specifications
Inner tank material Enamel Steel of 2mm &2.5 mm with the Glass Lined Coating
Outer tank material Powder Coated/Stainless Steel.
Tank Dimensions 1480mm.
Inner Tank Diameter 210mm.
Outer Tank Diameter 550mm.
Tank Weight 54.9kg.(For 220 LPD)
Tank Insulation 50mm high-quality PUF materials.
Tank Volume 110,165,220,275 LPD
Inner Dish 2.5 mm
Outer Dish Aluminium with Powder Coated
General Specifications
Temperature 65 degrees C to 85 degrees C
Total Space Required For Installation 2*2.5m (W*L).
Total System Weight 105kg (Approx).(220 LPD)
Stand Dimensions 1050*1150*2160mm (H*W*L)
Stand Weight 21kg (For 220 LPD)
Frame Angle 27 degrees

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25 reviews for Supreme Solar 220 ltr GL

Based on 25 reviews
  1. vijay

    220 liter was the best choice, as its suitable for all our 5 member family

  2. Jeevan Kuamr TN

    simple product, but works amazingly well. so far good

  3. chouhan Raj

    Best service and super product, 10 year guarantee is best

  4. Raveesh Kumar G

    my old solar which did not work after 4 years, hope this stays at least for 10 years

  5. vijay shathi N

    i saved 700 rupees this month, thats thats the best choice i made

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