Technical Specifications

Tube Size 58-1800mm (100L-300L)
Tube Size58-2100mm (500L)
Tank diameter480mm (100L-300L)
Inrer tank Material:Hot Rolled steel with Ceramic coated
Tank Diameter550mm (500L)
Tank volume100L-500 Lfrs
Outer tank material:Powder coated / Stainless Steel 
Tank insulationPUF 50mm
Method of bonding:Mig Welding Technology
Type of grommetsSilicon washers
Type of Circulation:Thermosyphon
Supreme Solar ETC Ceramic Coated Suitable for water hardness up to 1000 PPM.
Please test water Hardness before installing Solar Water Heater.


Comparison between 
Glass Lining Tank and Stainless Steel Tank


Features and advantage compare to stainless steel panel

Corrosion resistance

  • Glass Lining Steel panel has good corrosion resistance against various chemical materials.
    ⇒Less cost to various applications
  • Stainless Steel panel has inferior corrosion resistance for chloride.
    ⇒Not appropriate for some waste water treatment

Cost efficiency

  • High intensity Glass Lining
    ⇒Less cost to various applications
  • Stainless Steel panel is not able to realize strength and cost at the same time.
    ⇒Large cost has no good cost efficiency.

Robustness against environment

  • Glass Lined Steel panel is suitable for the usage under severe environment such as seashore and aerial pollution.
  • Stainless Steel panel is vulnerable to severe environment and reduce product life time.