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Supreme Solar 220 Vajra Pressurized

Due to bad weather in Bangalore, solar water heaters are not performing well. Solar water heaters require at least 4 hours of direct sunlight for optimal performance. For emergency use Electric Geysers in any one of the bath room. In-built Electric coil is not advised as it consumes 10 times electric power than electric geysers


Regular Price 63,000.00
Offer Price 56,000.00
Capacity 220 LPD / Ltr Pressurized
Guarantee 2 Year for Solar Tank
Technology Heat Transfer Technology



Bajaj Fin and Solar Guide

Read Solar Guide Before you Buy We are not responsible for wrong choices.- Price Excluding Plumbing Cost, Electrical work, Civil Work etc., CREDIT CARD Charges Extra, 

Product Description

Supreme Solar 220 Vajra Pressurized system consists of ETC Tubes with a copper pipe heat exchanger.

Vajra ETC Tube

supreme solar

Vajra ETC TubeFirst time in India introducing Supreme Solar Vajra 220 Pressurized solar water heater with heat exchanger solar water heating system, suitable for all kind of water conditions.  ETC types solar water heaters are much advanced in technology to produce the most efficient hot water even in dual weather


Since the water is not present inside the Supreme Solar Vajra 220 ETC tubes, the chances of getting corroded are very low.  This makes it even more maintenance-free.

Vajra ETC Tube


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