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  We Now Supply to Kanakpura, Ramanagara, and Mysore city surrounding areas at Bangalore city Prices which include, tax, transportation and installation, Excluding all kinds of Plumbing, electrical or masonry works.

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R O Water Purifier


Bangalore City Only
Type R O Water Purifier
Features R O + UV + Alkaline
Capacity 10 ltr CAPACITY
Installation FREE
Sand Filter FREE
Shipping FREE to Bangalore city
Warranty 6 Months Off Site


Read Solar Guide Before you Buy, This is very important - Online Price Excluding Plumbing Costs, Electrical work, Civil Work etc., CREDIT CARD Charges Extra,



Credit Card & UPI accepted

Product Description

R O Water Purifier

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a water purification technology used to filter out large particles and unwanted molecules such as contaminants and sediments like salt, dirt, and chlorine from drinking water.

reverse osmosis water filter price includes installation and sand filters cost etc, Just place the order and relax, rest all we take care of.

water R O Purifier price with us is the best in the market with excellent service back up.

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Supreme Solar

Every day in the morning activities range over many aspects, the most important one is the bathing activity of the entire family. Every family member will have a hot water bath to begin their day; this is a natural phenomenon across India and the globe. Mornings should preferably be pleasant and smooth, with reliable solar water heaters, mornings invariably become pleasant and relaxing. Supreme with its state-of-the-art and modern technology builds some of the best and most reliable solar water heaters, these heaters make every sun ray count and relentlessly provide hot running water. Solar Water Heaters come with ISO certification and they are built using the latest and best available technologies from the industry. Supreme Solar Products builds a variety of Solar Water Heaters by adopting different types of advanced and latest technologies that are industry-relevant. The types of Solar Water Heaters are Glass Lined Solar Water heaters, ETC Solar Water heaters, and FPC Solar Water heaters. The primary and most important technology derivable and objective of the Solar Water Heaters is to make every sun ray count – convert every sun ray into useful energy. Supreme Solar Products builds aesthetically adorable solar products, the glass lines, solar panels, and tubes are perfectly positioned to give an appealing look on top of the terrace. Solar Water Heaters are eco-friendly, low on maintenance, easy to install, durable for a lifetime, and highly energy-efficient, the solar water heaters save over 70% of electricity bills. As renewable energy is the only sustainable option left for the future, solar water heaters and their associated technologies are the only options available to secure the future.


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Installation Means assembling the solar water heater on the rooftop, with Price Excluding Masonry, Electrical, Plumbing, grouting or welding works.  The customer will arrange a crane service if the lifting of more than 300 LPD solar water tanks are required.