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Supreme Solar Vajra 220 Pressurized

61,500.00 42,000.00

Capacity 220 LPD / Ltr
Model 220 ETC Vajra Pressurized
Brand Supreme Solar
MRP 61,500.00
Offer Price 42,000.00
Technology Heat Transfer Technology
Guarantee 2 Years For Solar Tank
Inner Tank Glass Lined
Suitable for Soft / Hard Water use
Available in Bangalore City

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Product Description

Supreme Solar Vajra 220 Pressurized ETC Heat Transfer Technology

Supreme Solar Vajra 220 Pressurized is the product we are introducing with Heat transfer technology in the ETC model.

Solar water heater, a device that uses solar heat energy to produce hot water. A typical solar water heater consists of a solar collector mounted on the roof of a building and connected to a water storage tank. Depending on the system, unheated water either can be circulated from the tank through the collector to be heated directly or can be heated by a high-capacity heat-exchange fluid that was warmed in the collector and transfers its heat through tubes in the water in the tank. While heat transfer from the solar collector to the unheated water can be facilitated passively through copper rods situated inside the ETC tubes, without mechanical means.

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Design And Efficiency
The output of a solar hot water system generally depends on the efficiency of the collector and the effectiveness of the whole system design. Designing an efficient solar hot water system requires an appropriate sizing of the collector and storage tank according to the use requirements for hot water. Individual collectors and whole systems are rated separately for their efficiencies because the collector efficiency depends on the performance of one component (the solar absorber) while the whole system efficiency depends on many factors (water and ambient temperatures, system configurations, insulation, water volume, the type of collector, heat-exchange mechanism efficiencies, the location and local weather at the installation, the amount of sunlight received by the collector, etc.).

advantages are:

Heat Performance is Higher than the Copper panel

Maintenance-free Unless Panels required regular maintenance

Cost Less than FPC solar water heater

Heat transfer, any or all of several kinds of phenomena, considered as mechanisms, that convey energy and entropy from one location to another. The specific mechanisms are usually referred to as convection, thermal radiation, and conduction (see thermal conduction). Conduction involves the transfer of energy and entropy between adjacent molecules, usually a slow process. Convection involves the movement of heated fluid, such as air, usually a fairly rapid process. Radiation refers to the transmission of energy as electromagnetic radiation from its emission at a heated surface to its absorption on another surface, a process requiring no medium to convey the energy.


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