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Livpure Water Softener WS-6000


Livpure Water Softener consists of an FRP pressure vessel with manual/automatic multiport valve which operates the unit, vessel contains a bed of ion exchange polymer beads (commonly referred to as cation exchange resin). The system operational chemistry is ion exchanges process for removing Calcium and Magnesium ion from water by exchanging with sodium, chloride ion to convert hard water into soft water.

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Product Description

Livpure Water Softener WS-6000

Filtration Technology: Ion exchange resin based

Livpure Water Softener WS-6000 consists of an FRP pressure vessel with manual/automatic multiport valve which operates the unit.  hence vessel contains a bed of ion exchange polymer beads which commonly referred to as cation exchange resin.

Livpure WS-6000 Technical Specifications

Vessel Width 14 Inches
Vessel Height 65 Inches
Resin Quantity 150 Litres
NaCl(Salt)/Regeneration 24 Kg
Brine Tank Capacity 80 Litres
Activation Medium Industrial Salt required @24kg/recherge
Multiport Valve, Size And Mounting Designer Valve with Matching Vessel color, Size – 25NB and TOP Mounting
Maximum Operating Pressure 3.5kg/sq.cm
Product Dimension (W*H) 14*65 Inches
Installation Mainly Roof Top
Filtration Technology Ion exchange resin based
Maximum Inlet Pressure 3.5 Kg/Sq.cm**
Minimum Inlet Pressure 2 Kg/Sq.cm*
Sales Package FRP Vessel-14*65 inch MPV-25 NB Resin-25kg*6 bags Brine Tank -80Ltrs ARV -1 Unit Pressure Gauge -1 Unit PVC pipe-6 ft
Service Type Onsite service – Upto 2 free service & recharges available, without Salt

Livepure Advantage

  • Smooth and silky hair
  • Shining skin
  • Spotless & glossy utensils
  • Bright & neat clothes
  • Proper lather with soap & shampoo
  • Increase life of clothes
  • Saves around 40% consumption of shampoo/soap & detergents
  • Saves around 25% on electricity bills

Livepure Warranty

Covered In Warranty 10 years* warranty on FRP vessel *5 years complete warranty and next 5 years depreciable warranty 2 years warranty on MPV (Multi Port Valve).
Not Covered In Warranty There is no warranty on Resin & Brine tank. Product warranty excludes defects occruing because of abuse, faulty care or maintenance, repairs/alternative to goods or parts by others


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